Aer is an Aspect based on the sky,weather,mist and climate. Aer has had no use for the time of it's implementation. Currently the only source of aer is a small chance for an Aer based wisp to spawn during a storm at a nearby  Vis Node. The flux of the area must be at a level to generate any kind of wisps for the this to occur. The chances for an Aer wisp to spawn are miniscule. As such, the intrepid thaumaturge capable of obtaining a pure vial of Aer essentia will have a magnificent prize to boast about. Vazkii's Thaumic Tinkerer addon also adds a new way to obtain Aer and a use.

Derivations: Aeolian


Aer Sources
Item Name Akut


Crystalized Aer Aspect (Magic Bees must be installed for this.) 1
Bottle of Rain Water 2

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