Aqua is an Aspect based on Water, and Fluid. Aqua is generally one of the first aspects you will discover due to how common it is and its volume in many materials.


Aqua Sources
Item Name
Clay (Item) 1
Water Shard 2
Boat 4
Item with Aqua Affinity 2
Ghast Tear 4
Sugar Cane 2
Bucket of Water 4
Water Bottle 1
Slimeball 2
Sugar 2
Cactus 1
Map 13
Potion (Awkward) 1
Potion (Thick) 1
Potion (Mundane) 1
Brewing Stand 2
Pumpkin Pie 2
Raw Fish 1
Lily Pad 1
Cake 8
Music Disc (13) 4
Potion (Any, Splash included) ?
Bucket of Lava 1

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