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Aspects refer to any kind of magical energy an object possesses. Read more about this on the Aspects of Magic page.

It should also be noted that the numbers listed among these pages are commonly the values that are found.

All aspects can be edited with the mod Essentia Which means that if the item is not vanilla, nor something thaumcraft adds on it's own. Essentia may or may not be involved. Please take this into consideration when viewing these pages.  All Wisp have a chance of containing 4 of any aspect.

Glass Phial can be filled up with 8 of any aspect

and Warded Jars can be filled up with 64 of any aspect

It would seem redundent to include the above information on any aspect page, so just keep it in mind when posting.

Also a fun triva, the Aspects are Latin.

crescat tua investigatio ire bene. ((May your 'research' go well.))

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