Do you want to see the future? Well, we get this information off of Forgecraft server, which is a survival modded server meant for beta testing tech mods for bugs, like Redpower 2 (there was footage for this mod even before it was out), Buildcraft, and so on. Thaumcraft 3 was an exception to this because it isnt a tech mod, (besides the golems) but it was added due to its popularity. It has It is also known as Pahicraft, since the creator is named Pahimar. Pahimar is also the person that is making Equivelent Exchange 3. Forgecraft had the first footage pre-relesase footage of Thaumcraft besides azanor's channel. Azanor is of course on Forgecraft. Azanor admitted that without Forgecraft, Thaumcraft 3 would very buggy. Forgecraft has a future version of Thaumcraft. Famous people such as Direwolf20 is on Forgecraft. If you wanted to see whats new on Thaumcraft using Forgecraft, then use SOTMead's channel, as he instantly researches any new research. I should probably make a Forgecraft page...

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