Thaumcraft 3 Changelog
Next Update
Leaked Info
  • Decanting Golems, an upgraded version of the Tallow Golem which can hold whole Warded Jars.
  • API: api additions
  • API: the way IVisRepairable is used has changed slightly. Items are no longer repaired using onUpdate
  • API: Tempus aspect added
  • fixed arcane bore dupe bug
  • fixed silk touch+pickaxe of the core in arcane bore and removed an infinite diamond/redstone/etc. exploit
  • reduced the vis cost of the arcane bore a bit. Will now only cost 1 vis per 3 blocks mined
  • items with repair enchantment will now only repair when worn or on the hotbar
  • existing frost shards in world when you log in shouldn't crash you anymore
  • added the ability to remove all (or at least most) aura nodes in the config.
  • elemental sword now has an additional effect when blocking
  • magic mirrors, they are more common than you think
  • added quicksilver drops. Combine 9 in a crafting table to get quicksilver
  • fix for noteblock listener holding on to world references where they shouldn't
  • wooden golems picking up custom item entities won't cause crashes anymore
  • the wand of frost should no longer cause crashes if it hits a player with the thorns enchant
  • several additions and improvements to the api
  • the amount of xp a brain in a jar can hold is now capped. It only holds 1000xp, which is enough to take you from level 0 to 30 or so.
  • crystal core should no longer forget the node it is pulling if it merges with another while being pulled.
  • brain in a jar releases more xp per bonk
  • frost wand will no longer be able to break the unbreakable... oops
  • worldgen blocks are now as solid as they appear to be
  • By popular demand elemental tools and weapons have more evocative names
  • ignored criticism of certain textures... except amber bricks which did suck a bit
  • update to 1.4.7
  • Welcome to tier 3!
  • possible fix for corrupt nodeid count
  • thaumcraft monster worldspawns can now be disabled in the config settings

  • some server config settings will now be sent to the client whenever it connects
  • fixed crash when displaying aspects of items without actual aspects
  • added warded glass
  • warded stone, glass and arcane door is now set to be completely unbreakable even for the person that placed them. They can only be picked up by using a casting wand on them.
  • added iron and gold keys to grant others access to an arcane door. See your thaumonomicon for details.
  • added warded pressure plates (new research)
  • arcane levitators are now more responsive and individual levitators in a stack can be powered down to reduce the levitation height. Only levitators above (or below) the one that has been powered down will be counted for lift or fall distance
  • aura node rarity is now configurable.
  • For texture pack makers: ss_core.png was getting a bit crowded so some stuff has been moved to ss_world.png
  • added another source of the aura aspect
  • added another source of the Mutatio aspect
  • golems no longer flee when damaged. It caused more problems than it prevented
  • added amber blocks and bricks. Blocks are crafted with 4 amber and amber bricks with 4 amber blocks. All of these can be converted back into amber.
  • rebalanced the casting wands (wand of the apprentice, adept and thaumaturge)
  • casting wands now have their own gui elements
  • changed the way data is stored for casting wands.
  • slowed casting wand recharge rates while in inventory. Wands now recharge at the same rate in both tables and the players inventory. Higher tier wands have higher recharge rates.
  • WARNING*: Due to these changes there is a very small chance that existing casting wands with damage might break. You may also need to remove any wands from crafting tables and hold them in your inventory for a moment before they will start working with the new system.
  • in the ongoing battle to prevent data loss, research data is now saved with the players vanilla NBT data. As a happy side-effect this seems to solve the offline/online issue. \o/
  • aura data is now saved as part of the normal MC chunk data. As a result any kind of aura operations now only takes place on nodes in loaded chunks. This has already been true for the most part, but previously a small number of operations could still take place even in unloaded chunks.
  • IMPORTANT* I will be removing all legacy saving methods for both research and auras in a FUTURE update. Research data for players that haven't logged in since this update, and aura data for chunks that have not been loaded WILL be lost. Don't worry, I will give ample warning when I do it.
  • added several new enchants * check your thaumonomicon for details. They do not require research to unlock.
  • update to 1.4.6
  • no more rocketjumping with alumentum.
  • a couple of new things
  • alumentum now follows the mobgriefing rules and will launch the 'grenade' when placed in a dispenser instead of just the item.
  • aura calculations only occur on nodes in loaded chunks
  • improved wizard villager trades
  • fix for discoveries turning back into fragments when they shouldn't
  • made clay golems slightly more useful
  • now with bonus Adventure!, Action!, and Discovery!
  • changed to a new, hopefully more stable, save format for auras and research.
  • fix for random 'AuraWorldTicker' crashes, the Revenge
  • the opening animation that plays when a golem interacts with a chest can be turned off in the config
  • fixed an error where stone and clay golems were using their own 'home' facing when placing or retrieving from marked containers instead of the marker block facing.
  • rumor has it that Squidward has started dabbling in magic
  • doubled the length of the redstone pulse Arcane Ears emit
  • tweaked the percentages for research. It will probably be a good idea to delete them from your config if you want to use the 'official' numbers. The correct numbers will be re-added the next time your game is run
  • angry zombies will spawn again
  • implement new extrabiomes api
  • removed all achievements for now. No real point to them anyway
  • some improvements to help prevent loss of auras.
  • arcane levitator is now only blocked by solid blocks
  • fix for random 'AuraWorldTicker' crashes
  • wisp essences should now drop from where they are supposed to.
  • some minor improvements to golem AI
  • possible fix to step height issue with Boots of the Traveller. I haven't been able to reproduce the error on my own test machines, so let me know if this error still exists.
  • placed nitor and candles should not get in the way of entity pathing anymore.
  • placed nitor and candles aren't waterproof anymore.
  • stone golems (and only stone golems) can now be used to extract smelted materials from normal ("vanilla") furnaces.
  • it should now be impossible to force items into the output slot of vanilla furnaces with golems. Let me know if you still find a way around this.
  • smart wood golems shouldn't cause crashes anymore
  • enchanted items and potions should have their proper aspects now
  • make allowences for BC's derpy itemstack handling >.<
  • improvements for LAN games which should prevent loss of research
  • alembics can now be shift click to empty their contents into the aura
  • nitor is now placeable in the world as a light source
  • silverwood trees now only grow if there is enough vis to spawn their aura node
  • by popular demand flux events are now slightly more common
  • greatwood and silverwood log placement now works like vanilla log placement
  • fix for crash with arcane furnace
  • Possible fix to nugget exploits. Since I haven't been able to duplicate most of them myself please let me know if it persists.
  • Fix for straw golem crash
  • Fix for Wand of Excavation in SMP
  • fixed some exploits
  • removed unneeded biome error spam from logfiles
  • fixed the fix from 3.0.0.a that seemed to have fixed things too well. Golems should properly place things in containers that are not ISided.
  • fix for golems drawing infinite items from certain crafting tables
  • basic information in Thaumonomicon is now shown in SMP as well
  • Fixed ISided inventory supports for some of the golems.
  • just released