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Thaumcraft 3 adds a few enchantments, obtainable through the normal enchanting table.


The enchantments added by Thaumcraft 3 include the following.

  • Repair (ID 155): Usable only on Thaumcraft tools, weapons, and armor. Consumes vis from the local aura to repair the item with this enchantment. Can be combined with "Unbreaking", though this may be a bug. Max level 2.

Wand-only enchantmentsEdit

  • Treasure (ID 153): Wand equivalent of fortune. Max level 3.
  • Potency (ID 150): Increases damage or range that wands have. Max level 3.
  • Frugal (ID 151): Wand equivalent of unbreaking. Max level 3.
  • Charging (ID 152): Allows your "Tool" and "Weapon" wands to recharge from the local aura. Does not work in some areas. Reason unknown, may be a bug. Cannot be combined with "Frugal". Max level 1.

Enchantable ItemsEdit

The following items can all be enchanted, with vanilla and Thaumcraft 3 enchantments:

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