The Fortunate Maul is a tool from Thaumic Tinkerer. It can break through anything (not including portal frames and bedrock), and when made, it comes already enchanted with Fortune III. It mines slightly slower than a normal pickaxe.

Thaumonomicon Text:

"The texts you studied spoke of a powerful tool that beared the Fortune Enchantment. You seem to have managed to replicate it.

This item acts as an "omnitool" of sorts, it can break virtually anything, but it's not very fast at it. You think enchanting it with Efficiency using an Anvil is the logical next step.

Furthermore, after crafting this item, it instantly comes enchanted with the Fortune III enchantment. The one downside to this it that it cant be enchanted through regular means. It also seems to hold it's magical energy with a(n) extraordinary bond, possibly unbreakable."

Required Aspects:



Fortunate Maul

The Thaumonomicon Entry for the Fortunate Maul

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