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Golem visor is an accessory for golems


This research can only be done using Knowledge Fragments. It requires the following aspects.

Golem Visor
I-Cognitio Cognitio
I-Visum Visum
I-Tutamen Tutamen
I-Mortuus Mortuus


To craft the visor you will need two iron ingots, an iron helm and the following essentia:

Golem Visor Count
I-Vis Vis charge50
I-Tutamen Tutamen 8
I-Visum Visum 16
I-Mortuus Mortuus 16

Research NotesEdit

These texts has shown you how to create an iron visor that grants a small measure of additional armor to a combat golem. It might also have other benefits.


This metal visor will grant a combat golem a small amount of additional armor protection. It will also insure that any foes attacked by the golem will drop experience orbs when they die.

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