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Lignum is an Aspect based in Wood, Forests, and Trees. Lignum is generally one of, if not the first, aspects you will discover due to needing a source to get started in any Minecraft world, vanilla or not.


Lignum Sources
Item Name Aspect Value
Log (Any) 8
Arcane Worktable 5
Fence Gate 5
Chest 3
Crafting Table 3
Jukebox 3
Note Block 3
Piston (Regular/Sticky) 3
Wood Door 3
Wood Pressure Plate 3
Amber 2
Sapling (Any) 2
Wood Plank (Oak) aspect value 2
Bowl 1
Fence 1
Lever 1
Sign 1
Stick 1
Wooden Button 1
Wooden Slab (Any) 2
Wooden Stair (Any) 2
Bed 6
Trapdoor 3
Boat 2
Bookshelf 6
Tools (Any, including Bow, Fishing Rod, and Carrot on Stick) 2

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