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General InformationEdit

Magic Tallow is an early "hidden" research that is used in a few other more advanced crafting recipes. When you unlock this research you also learn how to create Candle, which are basically just a better looking torch when crafted into a Magical Building Blocks, although one that can only be placed on a flat surface, not hung on a wall.

Advanced UsesEdit

Magic Tallow is used in the creation of Tallow Golems and Tallow Candles. (By combining a tallow candle with a dye in an arcane workbench, you can obtain a coloured candle.)

If you have an alembic, then Magic Tallow becomes an inexpensive way of creating Praecantatio. Simply place a magic tallow in your crucible and right-click with your wand. You'll get your tallow back, with a profit of one essentia of praecantatio.

You can also do that with more than one; if you have 4 Alembic there, you can throw up to one stack of tallow in to get that amount of Praecantatio.

Research DetailsEdit

Magic Tallow
I-Corpus Corpus
I-Ignis Ignis


In order to craft Magic Tallow, you need to add four Corpus to a Crucible, and use 5 vis.

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