Permutatio is an Aspect based in Exchanging, Change, and Barter. Permutatio is one of the earlier aspects you will discover due to its presence on common items such as Eggs and Seeds.


Permutatio Sources
Item Name Aspect Value
Emerald Block 29
Portable Hole 16
Wand of Equal Trade 16
Flux Filter 8
Crystal Cluster (any) 8
Emerald 4
Wispy Essence (Dark Green) 4
Emerald Ore 3
Pumpkin Pie 3
Egg 2
Shimmerleaf 2
Silver Ingot 2
(Flax, Barley) Seeds 1
Pumpkin Seeds 1
Melon Seeds 1
Copper Ore 1
Grafter (Forestry) 1

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