Smokey Quartz is pretty much the same as Quartz. All regular blocks that can be made with quartz, can also be crafted using smokey quartz.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Smokey Quartz is pretty much Quartz, but negative. All regular blocks that can be made with Quartz, can also be made with Smokey Quartz, and they look black.

Smokey Quartz itself can be made with a piece of coal or charcoal for tinting, and a few pieces of regular nether quartz."

Research InformationEdit

Smokey Quartz is unlocked from the start


Smokey Quartz can be crafted in any Workbench, using 8 Nether Quartz and 1 Coal or 1 Charcoal. Crafting costs no Vis.

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