Solum is an Aspect based in Earth, Soil, Ground, and Foundation. Solum is generally one of the first aspects you will discover due to how easy it is to find sources.


Solum Sources
Item Name Aspect Value
Brick Stairs 7
Clay (Block) 6
Flower Pot 5
Sandstone Stairs 5
Music Disk (chirp) 4
Sandstone 4
Bricks 3
Chiseled Sandstone 3
Smooth Sandstone 3
Brick 2
Bricks Slab 2
Clay (Item) 2
Dirt 2
Earth Shard 2
Grass Block 2
Mycelium 2
Potato 2
Sand 2
Sandstone Slab 2
Redstone Ore 2
Wand of the Adept 2
End Stone 1
Gravel 1
Netherrack 1
Soul Sand 1

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