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Sword of the Zephyr

Sword of the Zephyr

The Sword of the Zephyr can only be researched after the prerequisite Wand of Lightning. When used to attack, the Sword of the Zephyr will hit the enemy you are aiming at as well as enemies close to that enemy in front of you, making for a nice AOE attack.  When the secondary function is used (right-click by default), a whirlwind will surround the user, blowing away mobs, other players, and entities (dropped items, projectiles, balls, etc.). This has been confirmed to work on ghast fireballs and blaze fireballs. While right-clicking, it will slow your fall, thus preventing falling damage.  

The damage this weapon will do to a mob is 7 which is the same as a diamond sword.

Here's a video that shows you how the Sword of the Zephyr works:

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have merged the elemental fury of a wand of lightning with a thaumium sword.

When used to strike a foe, the blade will sweep in a wide arc, hitting additional foes near your main target.

While blocking, the sword will conjure a sphere of whirling winds around you, pushing enemies and loose objects away and deflecting incoming projectiles."

Research DetailsEdit

Sword of the Zephyr
I-Telum Telum
I-Motus Motus
I-Aura Aura
I-Fractus Fractus



Sword of the Zephyr crafting recipe

To craft a Sword of the Zephyr, place a thaumium sword above a wand of lightning on an Infusion Altar. Then place 16 Aura, 8 Fractus, 8 Motus and 16 Telum in your crucible. This recipe will consume 100 vis from your wand.


If you right-click on a golem, and then exit out of the GUI, the sword will repel entities as if you were still blocking indefinitely, but you can still attack and move at normal speed. Note that this does not prevent fall damage. This effect stops if you block again or equip something else.

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