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Talisman of Remedium

The Talisman of Remedium is a Thaumic Tinker add-on. The Talisman stops the user from taking damage. The damage is then redirected into the Talisman itself; every time the talisman takes an impact it uses Vis. To activate the Talisman of Remedium, you hold it in your hand, hold left shift and right-click. To research the Talisman of Remedium you need to have researched the Unified Thaumic Field Theory. The Aspects for the research are 12 Instrumentum, 16 Sano, 10 Praecantatio, 18 Cognitio, and Aqua.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have studied life and the body and found that through the application of magic you can protect yourself from harmful outside influences by redirecting these affects to another place. This talisman will dispel most harmful effects on the holder, at the cost of vis from the local aura."


Talisman of Remedium Recipe


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