• I have everything correct and it wont make the wand... i have exactly the right ammount in my crucible thats 4 blacks away i have 2 fully charged wands of the apprentice and the proper shard configuartion... HELP!!!!

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    • blocks* >.<

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    • are you using an arcane worktable? If so swap to a Infusion altar. The worktable doesn't register the essentia in crucibles.

      So yeah. 

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    • 4 blocks away may be too far? try put it closer

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    • Normally, the distance is max. 12 blocks (or 5 blocks below/under) so th OP seems to have it right so far. Barring the potential table problem mentioned above, I'm not sure what else would prevent this from working. Can we have more details?

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    • I have The same Problem (I think...)

      got the infusion table, the wand od the apprentice twice and one of each shard...

      the table stands directly next to the crucible...

      the only problem is, as long as i use a fully loaded wand in the wand-slot, it dosen't show me the wand of the adept. it looks like it is right (it shows me the 16 Praecantatio) but i cannot craft the wand...

      when the wand in the wand-slot is NOT fully charched, i can see the wand of the Adept, but it wont let me make it unless the wand is fully charged.

      and now bet what happens when the wand reaches 50 Vis...

      help me Please T_T

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    • A FANDOM user
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