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    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Hi,

      Please tell me if there's a proper place to file bug reports and/or a tracker. I can't find anywhere official to let the developer(s) know that my infernal furnace does not work, and neither do my golems.

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    • Well azanor (the mod maker) is the only guy who works on the mod, and as you might guess it takes considerable time to make things. I would be more than happy to help you if you would like.

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    • Yes, I understand. I'm a developer myself (academic, scientific software). I am running 3.0.3 with MC 1.4.7 through ModForge. I'm running on a Mac with Leopard. I think I had my TC problems with 3.0.2 as well. As I said on the page about it, my infernal furnace is correctly created but outputs nothing when I put in smeltable items at the top. I've watched videos about its use and cannot reproduce the working behavior. Second, I made a tallow golem, assigned it to my crucible/cauldron thingy,  with an infinite source of water just a few blocks away on the same level. I gave it a bucket, and it just stands there like a lemon. I tried everything I could think of to stimulate some activity: pushing it around, hitting it, taking and regiving the bucket, moving the water source *right in front* of it, emptying and refilling the cauldron myself, etc. It seems that it must be a bug! I haven't seen other evidence of these problems online except for the comment at the top of the furnace page about "possibly broken in 3.0.2". Any advice? Thanks.

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    • You will want to put a markerblock  next to the water source you want your Tallow Golem to access and obviously you will want to set him to the color of the markerblock or any just accept any color!

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