Transmutation is the skill of turning metalic aspects into more worthy ore nuggets. Most of the ore nuggets are not vanilla, and are part of Forge Dictionary mods. (For example, if you install IC2 and TC3, you could make copper transmutation.)  

Basic Transmutation: (Required for any other transmutations to be researched) 1 Carus + 3 Metallum = 2 Gold Nuggets

Iron Transmutation: 2 Metallum = 2 Iron Nuggets

Copper Transmutation: 3 Metallum + 1 Victus = 3 Copper Nuggets

Tin Transmutation: 3 Metallum + 1 Vitreus = 3 Tin Nuggets

Silver Transmutation: 3 Metallum + 1 Permutatio = 3 Silver Nuggets

Lead Transmutation: 3 Metallum + 1 Vacuos = 3 Lead Nuggets

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