• Kathis

    Out of curiosity

    May 3, 2013 by Kathis

    It would appear that my wall have been seeing posts like, "This page was greif", "I found a bug", or even messages about templates.

    I can understand some of them, the template message was because I was trying to fix a problem and someone had aided me in doing so. The bug not so much, nor the greifed paged :\

    I am starting to think that people are mistaking me for a moderator or an admin. which is incorrect. I am just as much a member as they are. Now honestly I don't care if people post on my wall about these problems, just got to keep in mind that I am no admin, nor am I in any relation to the mod's creator.

    So is it because of the mistaken identity? Or something else I am blind and don't seem to notice?

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  • Kathis

    Kathis Mark Category.

    April 20, 2013 by Kathis

    I have created this category simply for the purpose so I can quickly find pages that require my attention.

    Be it due to lack of information, incorrect template, or for what ever reason that requires my attention to edit.

    that is the purpose of it, once I am done with the page the mark will be removed, if you feel that the category could benifit from me looking it over, simply add the Kathis mark category. I'll check it when I get a chance.

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  • Kathis

    Not compaining or anything but I think I already earned most of the achievements already. Never the less I'll simply contiune on my ways and see if I can get them all within the next few days. I highly doubt it with collage getting into it's final semster month. But never the less. I shall try.

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  • Kathis


    March 24, 2013 by Kathis

    I will be doing verious research with the Thaumcraft in hopes that I'll beable to fill out most of the holes in knowledge on the wiki, Many pages are either non existant or lacking of information. several people have asked questions, so I'll be running several experements.

    I do need to advice that I am running FEED THE BEAST, which is where I got my thaumcraft from. I fell in love with the mod and will do my best to help. However information I post may be incorrect based on the possible mod mixtures. Hopefully people can correct me if information isn't matching up correctly.

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