• Kerydwenn

    Happy Thaumcraftdays

    December 25, 2013 by Kerydwenn

    Wishing you all a very scary solstice/holidays/whatever. May this ending year and the upcoming one be filled with completed Thaumonomicons, bubbling (but not overflowing) cauldrons, and successful Infusions. And remember: beware the Taintacles.

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  • Kerydwenn

    Infusion Gone Wrong

    December 16, 2013 by Kerydwenn

    A long, long time ago... well, not so long, all right. Perhaps a week or so...

    My disciple, who had also discovered the workings of Infusion, had been performing a series of spells, using the structure I had built between our two Towers of Sorcery. Alas, for a reason as of yet unknown, Reality itself collapsed—right in the middle of an Infusion that the Thaumonomicon itself predicted as being highly unstable.

    And so, the Terror began...

    The first who was able to get back safely to our world wasn't a Disciple, and knew next to nothing to Arcane secrets; but she was full of courage and determination, and soon mounted her own one-person expedition to discover what had happened to out Infusion structure. Here's the transcript of what she discover…

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  • Kerydwenn

    And there we go

    October 12, 2013 by Kerydwenn

    Thaumcraft 4 installed and ready to run!

    Expect some updates to this wiki in days to come. Tonight, I'm too busy running around flailing my arms, watching Taint all around the village in which I spawned in my new world, and other various things. It's been a while I haven't run Minecraft, after all.

    Oh the joy. I can already sense my partners in crime cringing at all the havoc I'll wreck in our upcoming common game, just by waving my wand around. ;)

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  • Kerydwenn

    Add-ons Conundrum

    May 22, 2013 by Kerydwenn

    The forums system here not being that efficient to navigate in, I'm posting this as a blog entry.

    I've been wondering what our take on mods/add-ons should be regarding Thaumcraft. So far, from what I've seen, people seem to hold diverging opinions on that: either a "no other mod than Thaumcraft" policy, or a "let's mention other mods" one.

    I'm a bit shared on the matter. For instance, I sure wouldn't include articles/items from Gregtech or other mods, since it's clear they have nothing to do with Thaumcraft. On the other hand, what about Forestry? I don't mean we shoulde add Forestry items to the wiki, of course—only it allows to make use of the Thaumic Bees add-on. And here's my point, because from what I understand, Thaumic Bees is linked …

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  • Kerydwenn

    Alright, I'm probably going to come as a nagger with this one, but I don't care.

    I know this wiki is far from being 200% complete. I know some things are missing. I know some others are probably going to change or disappear with a next version of the mod. We're trying to fill in the gaps, and we're only human beings, so of course things are bound to be incomplete at times.

    But please, read the pages before asking a question that is covered on the pages themselves. Please don't comment to ask "what are the aspects to do this research", when the Aspects are listed on the very research page, with a nice fat "Research Details" title right above it. (This is just one example; I've noticed other occurrences.)

    Seriously. Read the page before asking a q…

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