The forums system here not being that efficient to navigate in, I'm posting this as a blog entry.

I've been wondering what our take on mods/add-ons should be regarding Thaumcraft. So far, from what I've seen, people seem to hold diverging opinions on that: either a "no other mod than Thaumcraft" policy, or a "let's mention other mods" one.

I'm a bit shared on the matter. For instance, I sure wouldn't include articles/items from Gregtech or other mods, since it's clear they have nothing to do with Thaumcraft. On the other hand, what about Forestry? I don't mean we shoulde add Forestry items to the wiki, of course—only it allows to make use of the Thaumic Bees add-on. And here's my point, because from what I understand, Thaumic Bees is linked to Thaumcraft: those bees aren't useful outside of TC3, and after all, items related to them (such as the Magic Frame) do appear in the Thaumonomicon for research purposes. So I did add a few articles about the bees and frames, although I also added that you needed Thaumic Bees to research those. Some users agree, others don't.

What's the official stance on such add-ons? Do you guys draw the line between "different mod" and "mere add-on"? Do you ignore them completely? Or is it OK to go with them, as long as we mention that add-on This or That is needed?

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