Alright, I'm probably going to come as a nagger with this one, but I don't care.

I know this wiki is far from being 200% complete. I know some things are missing. I know some others are probably going to change or disappear with a next version of the mod. We're trying to fill in the gaps, and we're only human beings, so of course things are bound to be incomplete at times.

But please, read the pages before asking a question that is covered on the pages themselves. Please don't comment to ask "what are the aspects to do this research", when the Aspects are listed on the very research page, with a nice fat "Research Details" title right above it. (This is just one example; I've noticed other occurrences.)

Seriously. Read the page before asking a question: maybe your answer's already in it. Because if you can't bother reading first... then why should we bother working on those articles?

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