• Sora 7672

    Hey guys im sorry for not editning so much at the moment,

    i just need to play more and build for my village the Stone Golem sorting  for my Infernal Furnace construct and my new built arcane bore Cluster Constructor.

    I hope you check out my page i add steadyly new pictures that you can follow easyly here.

    Thanks for your support :_)=



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  • Sora 7672

    I'm taking myself now really high and it could be that i get many "bad mouthed" comments from you,

    but i don't care :D

    Because i just think that it should be more ordered here and we should work all together to get to that goal!

    First of all spliting between TC3 & TC4, why? Because this is a well used Wiki about Thaumcraft, i myself have researched here when i didn't know what works how, but lately its getting more and more mixed up.

    So please post TC 4 related stuff here:

    Next is that we have here singular and plural item names like Shard and Shards.

    I would like to redirect from Shards to Shard.

    To do so simply write this code in the site you want to redirect (and before that combining the posts…

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  • Sora 7672

    DAY 1

    Today i started with reasearching everything and making Pictres from it.

    Now in this weerk and the next ill redo everything i cna find.

    From Plural ill make singular and lkink the plural sites to it.

    The plan is to fill the wiki till end of december.

    Lets see tomorow at work how far i get

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