Hello Everyone!!!!

I'm taking myself now really high and it could be that i get many "bad mouthed" comments from you,

but i don't care :D

Because i just think that it should be more ordered here and we should work all together to get to that goal!

So what am i planing to change?

First of all spliting between TC3 & TC4, why? Because this is a well used Wiki about Thaumcraft, i myself have researched here when i didn't know what works how, but lately its getting more and more mixed up.

So please post TC 4 related stuff here:

Next is that we have here singular and plural item names like Shard and Shards.

I would like to redirect from Shards to Shard.

To do so simply write this code in the site you want to redirect (and before that combining the posts in Shard f.e.):


Use this and take here "<page_name>" the site name from the wiki where it should redirect to.

Adding new Categorys!

How about TT, TB and Research?

I would do to TT all Thaumic Tinkerer Items/Blocks etc.

TB is the same with Thaumic Bees, but also a Subgroup with the new bees and a link to the Bees Wiki.

Research!!! A really Important poit to get a better structure in here! We would have pages for items only and pages which are research and Item! Also we have then the Option to see all Possible researches.

That means f.e. Advanced Golemancy is a research, and Iron Golem Guardian.

So in Advanced G.... you can find a General Info and the research Details. But if you need info to the Golem their will be a Page for Iron G.... which explains all with vids, pics and so on.

That will be the Gruop research. So tll there we will have an easy way to get all researches on one page and to see what you need.

My idea for that is also further researches, not only before also a list what is possble to research after and link them.

If i get a possitiv feedback i would design a basic layout for object pages and reasearch pages as dummy sites.

Then i would say we lock pages, like when 2-3 admins have overread it and said its complette, so that only comments with ideas can be posted in the end and the admins will reread that comments weekly and put them in or not.

So that is basically my plan. if i send you a link to this then i want your support for that project.

If you want more information just reply here or add me on skype: zerosblood



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