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Wand of the ApprenticeEdit

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"The casting wand is your most basic, but also your most important tool. It is what you use to craft objects, activate blocks, and countless other uses.

It stores a limited amount of magical energy (called vis) that is used to perform its tasks. As long as there are aura nodes nearby and you are carrying it, the wand will slowly recharge itself. A negative percentage displayed on the wand vis display above the hotbar indicates a discount on most vis costs. These discounts are availible by performing certain tasks e.g. wearing a full set of Thaumaturge's Robes.

Advanced UssEdit

The Wand of the Apprentice can be upgraded to a Wand of the Adept on an Infusion Altar after researching Unified Thaumic Field Theory. To do so, two wands are needed—one to be upgraded and a second to provide the needed vis for infusion. This wand can also be adapted to become wands such as Fire wands and frost wands after researching the Unified Thaumic Field Theory.


The Wand of the Apprentice can be crafted with one stick, one gold nugget, and one Shard. Place them in a diagonal with the shard at the top and the gold nugget at the bottom in any Workbench. Note that any shard from Thaumcraft can be used: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Vis, or Dull. None of these shards will have any effect on the type of wand crafted, you will always get the exact same wand of the apprentice.

Gold Nugget


Dull Shard

Wand of the Apprentice


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