1000px-Stone Blocks

"From left to right - Black, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Light Grey, Grey, Pink, Lime Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Magenta, Orange, and standard Warded Blocks." -Puzzledlight's photo and caption

Warded StoneEdit

They are essentially blocks that remember who placed them and are unbreakable by anyone but that player.

When paired with Arcane Doors, a player is able to construct a fort that is impervious to outside interference, including other players.

Advanced usesEdit

They are indestructable to any player, and can only be removed by the player who places them. To remove them the player must use their wand. They can contain vanilla blasts, but have been known to not withstand third party mod blasts, effects, though they will still remain. (Has to do with codes not agreeing with each other.)

The Portable Hole is NOT able to tunnel through these blocks.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"These stone blocks are almost unbreakable to anyone except the person who placed them. What is more, they are highly resistant to explosions.

They come in a variety of colours to please even the most fashion conscious thaumaturge."

Research DetailsEdit

Required Research is Unified Thaumic Field Theory. This unlocks with the Warded Stone and Doors research.

Warded Stone and Doors
I-Cognitio Cognitio
I-Imperito Imperito
I-Machina Machina
I-Motus Motus
I-Tutamen Tutamen



10 vis

5 Stone, 

1 Zombie Brain

2 Arcane Stone Blocks

1 dye.

Place the stone in the four corners,arcane stone blocks on the borders.

the colour of dye won't lie.

zombie brain inside.

place the final stone in the top

we're almost ready to stop

Give the creation you have made some will about 10 vis should do,

and you have not only made one warded stone block, but 32.

To get any manner of colour, simply substitute the bonemeal with the colour you wish to achieve.