General InformationEdit

Wispy Essence is an item dropped by Wisps. It comes in many colors, each corresponding to a different Aspect. There are different kinds of wisps that give you different Essences. They are created by nodes when there is an excess of flux in an attempt to discharge it.


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Dark Red: Malum

Red: Victus

Orange: Ignis

Yellow: Carus

Dark Green: Permutatio

Green: Lignum

Lighter Green: Herba

Blue: Aqua

Light Blue: Aer

Cyan: Vitreus

Purple: Praecantatio

Dark Purple: Alienis

Brown: Saxum

Light Brown: Bestia

Dark Grey: Mortuus

Grey: Aura

Light Grey: Motus

Lighter Grey: Visum

White: Metallum

Any: Mutatio

Any: Animus